Ladies Night – 16th August

September, 2011

Ladies Night 16th August 2011

What a fantastic night!  Thank you to all who attended it was great to see everyoneenjoying the evening.  A big thank you to our support crew, Angela from Hancocks, Stephane from Windsor Wines, Claire from Avon and Geiorgina from Georgies Gym.

We have had so much good feed back from the night and the demand for another from the ladies who attended is awesome!  Watch this space, we will definitely be having another Ladies Night soon.

Just a reminder to all who are interested, we are holding a wine night on the 23rd of August in conjunction with Rodney from Mills Reef and Stephane from Windsor Wines.  Check out our upcoming events and specials for more details.

Ladies Night Photo’s

Ladies Night

Ladies Night

Ladies Night

Tour de France time

July, 2011

Today we are off to meet up with the Tour de France leg of our journey. The weather is still pretty miserable so it (more…)

South of France

July, 2011

The next journey to Toulouse in the South of France is a bit of a mission, it involved a long walk walk with (more…)

The Cruise

July, 2011

The Cruise

We made a bit of a dogs breakfast getting to the boat, missing the bus and (more…)


July, 2011

Getting into Venice was easy enough on the bus but then we were faced with lugging our overweight suitcases up a large bridge, it cost us $26 to catch a ferry 400 metres to our hotel- welcome to Venice !

We were met by a wall of people as the city is groaning with tourists this time of year. The stories about the pick pockets here made us a bit edgy as we had 2 cases and day packs, but our hotel wasn’t far away from where the boat dropped us.

Our hotel didn’t have a lift so the porter lugged our bags up 3 flights of stairs, I don’t think he was too impressed with the big case as it was about 26 kgs on its own!

We found a really nice place for dinner just off the main pedestrian walkway to St Mark’s square, and then wondered into the square and got 2 glasses of wine and listened to the orchestra playing outside the restaurant. It was a wonderful experience, even though the bill was $60!

Sunday dawned early for us, and we went out for a wander, it was such a better experience without the hordes, and you really get a chance to admire the city for its stunning beauty, without the hordes and pick pockets.

It won’t be long now and we will be boarding our cruise, this is our first so we are keen to see what it is all about!

Goodbye Sorrento

July, 2011

Goodbye Sorrento

It was sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful place as Sorrento, after a fantastic week of sightseeing, swimming in the Med, and learning to cook amazing Italian food.

The cooking school was a great thing to do here, we learnt how to make a different pasta every night, created some amazing desserts, and then got to eat the finished product outside in the garden with different travellers every night.

During the day we went to the Island of Capri on a jet boat, and had a tour around the island, stopped for a swim in the med, off the back of the boat, fantastic, lunch, and then were dropped off at the township. The shops were Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. and there must have been a bad plastic surgeon living and working on the island as there seemed to be some horrible looking people here.

Pompeii was incredible, such a vast city and so much to see, it’s very hot here so being a tourist is hard work.

The week came to an end so quickly, but we met some great people, saw some wonderful things, and left with memories to last a lifetime, as well as some ideas for our Italian night in September !!

The flight from Naples to Venice for our cruise was uneventful till we realised that there were no seat allocations, we wondered why the Italians were in such a hurry to get on the plane !

Sorrento photos

June, 2011

We all got to make spaghetti pasta on the first night of the cooking school, all from scratch

There are different people on the course each night, so a great chance to socialise with other travellers

Jane in handbag heaven, she wouldn't come out !

Great scenery everywhere, this is from a Sorrento restaurant we had lunch in

Dubai to Sorrento

June, 2011

It’s hard to believe we have been away for one week already, It has been full of contrasts between old and new.

Dubai is so brash and (more…)

Bags packed

June, 2011

The Chilean Wine & Food night at Jagz last night was a wonderful way to say goodbye to friends and try some interesting wines. Ian talked to us about the wine, with Garry Hampton once again giving the audience some excellent travel advise on South American cruises.

 Andy then talked about his MBA trip to Chile, Argentina, & Peru.  All fascinating stuff. The wine nights have been very popular and our next night on 1st August is almost booked out already.

Well, just a few hours to go before lift off, the ash is staying away for now and our bags are packed. Tanning, nails, hair & waxing is all done.

One final trip to Jagz for a coffee and we are off.  

Welcome to the Jagz Cafe Blog

June, 2011

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