Dubai to Sorrento

It’s hard to believe we have been away for one week already, It has been full of contrasts between old and new.

Dubai is so brash and in your face as they attempt to build the biggest and best of everything. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is just one of many amazing sights. Motorways go to nowhere as they are being built before there is a need for them. The scale of development is mind boggling.

 Highlights for us were a trip into the desert for some dune bashing, followed by a meal and belly dancing. Jane tried the Sheesha pipe for the first time and really enjoyed it, she also had a henna tattoo put on her hand that takes about 7 days to fade away. The shopping has been great, with almost every store having a sale at between 25-75% off. We found some good bargains and our cases are already full with 4 weeks to go !

The trip toDubai took 24 hours and then on to Sorrento another 15hours. This involved a flight followed by 3 train journeys. The ticketing system had collapsed in Rome so after several attempts to buy a ticket we just had to jump aboard, the train was a high speed service and a good place to see the countryside.

The train from Naples to Sorrento was different story and there were one or two unsavoury looking characters on board.  Our B & B was a 10 minute walk from the train station and luckily my suitcase made to the front gate before the wheel packed up. The cobbles were too much for it.

We fell in love with Sorrento immediately, this is such a beautiful place. After checking in we walked about 200 metres to the waterfront to a restaurant that Bruce & Dawn from down the street had told us about. We sat outside and watched a burnt orange sun disappear over Northern Africa while we drank some local red wine and ate antipasti & pasta. It doesn’t get any better than this !


'Jagz at the Burj' has a nice ring to it !

Our first night in Sorrento - such a beautiful place

I've found my next Jagz car at last !!