South of France

The next journey to Toulouse in the South of France is a bit of a mission, it involved a long walk walk with our bags to a monorail, then having to hump our bags over some big stairs over the river in Venice. A 2½ hour train ride to Milan. A train to Milan airport, a bus to Terminal 2, a 1 hour flight, followed by a 3 hour rental car to our B & B in the Dordogne, France. We were absolutely wacked.

The Dordogne is amazing, lots of prehistoric caves, wineries everywhere, froie gras at every corner, and great cheeses. Everything you would expect of France. The country is wonderful and our rental car gives plenty of opportunity to explore ancient villages, every place we stop at is amazing.

Last night we had a picnic under an umbrella and willow tree on the lawn at our B & B while thunder rolled across the valley and the rain pelted down. Such a nice change from the heat.

We drank some red wine we had bought that day from Bourdeux, and ate foie grae & olives we had found in the market yesterday, the foie gras is everywhere and the price isn’t too bad.