The Cruise

The Cruise

We made a bit of a dogs breakfast getting to the boat, missing the bus and humping our bags for 15 minutes to the terminal, we didn’t care though as we knew once we arrived we had most of the afternoon to rest up and explore the ship.

We sat on the balcony with a smuggled on bottle of Chianti and watched Venice slide by as we eased out of port, a fantastic way to view the city from such a height. It took about 30 minutes before we got out to sea. We are looking forward to seeing the Greek Islands and Croatia, and also experience life on board a cruise ship.

Dinner on the first night was 9.30 pm after a great cabaret show in the ships theatre. We had a Welsh, Irish, and English couple at our table. Nice people & the food was really good. Afterwards we wandered thru the ships bars without fining any inspiration before going to bed.

First day on board consisted of sun bathing, swimming, drinking, & eating. We are enjoying life on board very much, but there are too many children on the ship, and the Italians are a noisy lot.

The food is fantastic, every night is a 5 course dinner if you can eat it, the breakfast & lunch is buffet style and there is loads of good fresh food in a variety of cuisines.

The places we stop are fantastic, Santorini & it’s neighbouring village of Oia were amazing, we hired a scooter and did some exploring.

Then a late night watching the sun go down in Mykonos was great also.

The next day we cruised into Athens, we woke to watch as the ship sailed into port – a wonderful experience! The town was having a fire sale after the riots, there was still a bit of tension around and so much graffiti, we found a great street, it had hookers, bike shops, cheap clothes shops ,the best bakery on the trip so far, & a few Greeks looking like they wanted to kill each other. And a ute overflowing with giant watermelons, what more could you ask for!!

We visited the sight of ancient Olympia, it must have been amazing in it’s day, over 2000 years ago when the Greeks decided to stop killing each other and have races & discus instead! ( amongst other sports!)

We then went on to Corfu and Dubrovnik (Croatia) both lovely places, but the heat has made sightseeing difficult. Most days it has been mid 30’s so we have faded as the day has gone on.

The cruise finished by sailing into Venice, past St Marks square, a fantastic way to finish.